Is your Atlas bone misaligned?

It is estimated that 99% of people carry an injury they know nothing about and may well have endured all their lives.

The Atlas is the top bone of the vertabrae

Atlas misalignment can cause a long list of ailments from poor posture to migraines, depression and digestive problems.

A little bone with a lot of responsibility

Being the first bone of the spine, the Atlas is responsible for keeping the cerebral fluid in constant flow, holding the skull in perfect balance and maintaining spinal equilibrium.

Atlas misalignment effects all elements of body balance

When the Atlas is misaligned it causes the head to tilt. The spine compensates by rotating muscles and joints in an attempt to maintain a stable center of gravity.

Who needs it?

Anyone who wants to eliminate pain and discomfort, increase productivity and performance, achieve perfect alignment and prevent further disease.

Is it safe if I have had an accident or injury?

The Atlas One technique was developed for sufferers of whiplash. It is safe and painless and can greatly assist those recovering from sports injuries and other accidents.

Increase your quality of life at any age

Atlas One is safe at any age. When your Atlas bone is aligned, your spinal cord communicates uninterrupted with the rest of your body. This improves all body systems and greatly improves health and quality of life.