The Atlas One tool and technique was developed in 2009 as an evolution of the Atlas Profilax method. Atlas Profilax also concentrates on aligning the Atlas bone, but it is an unrefined technique that is not completely effective. The Profliax method knocks the Atlas bone into place by force, overlooking the importance of placating the surrounding muscle and connective tissue. The bone often slips back out of place with the Profilax method, as the muscles remain in their original position, pulling the bone out of alignment once again after treatment.

The Atlas One tool was designed to work on the muscles and connective tissue surrounding the Atlas bone. The Atlas One tool uses a very specific frequency of vibration to completely relax the tissue (in particular around the Transverse Process) holding the Atlas out of place. The Atlas bone can then be gently guided back into its correct position. This technique is not forceful and is completely non-invasive. The procedure has been described as calming, enjoyable and at times euphoric.

The Atlas One technique supports the body’s ability to heal itself. By realigning the Atlas bone, the body becomes equipped to manage and repair any problems, as the communication channels are then clear and uninterrupted. The changes that occur after the Atlas One treatment are the results of the body’s own capacity to realign and return to optimum health. Once the Atlas bone is in correct alignment, the rest of the spine follows suit. Like dominos, the vertebrae realign themselves based on this pivotal positioning of the Atlas bone.

Atlas One can be performed on people of all ages. Our oldest patient to date was 96 years and the youngest, 3 months old. This newborn would scream every time she was laid on her back to sleep or be changed. This baby’s head and neck were twisted by forceps during childbirth and the Atlas bone was so far out of place that she was in chronic pain. The Atlas One procedure was adapted to the baby’s age and physical vulnerability and after a treatment that took less than a minute, the baby was relieved of all discomfort and pain. Left untreated, this child could have gone through her entire life with severe problems and never known the root cause.

Atlas One can be use as a preventative or corrective treatment. It is safe and painless and we offer our patients a lifetime guarantee. This means that if for any reason (other than major accidents), the Atlas bone does not stay in place, we will perform the treatment again, completely free of charge. For most people, only one treatment is required for life. This means no more bills for painkillers, chiropractors and other expensive treatments. For some people, the need for additional therapies such as digestive aids or psychotherapy can be greatly reduced or diminished altogether.

A predicted 99% of the population live with their Atlas bone in misalignment. Why tolerate pain and discomfort for the rest of your days, when Atlas One can quickly and painlessly ease your suffering? Contact us today to take charge of your wellbeing: info@www.atlas-1.com