Here’s a remarkable fact. Around 99% of people carry an injury they know nothing about. Something they may well have endured all their lives. Yet it can cause a long list of ailments from poor posture to migraines, depression to digestive problems.

We’re talking about the misalignment of the Atlas vertebra, the top bone of the spine. At Atlas One we can solve this problem in a quick and easy, non-stressful, soothing way. It is innovative. It is revolutionary. And it is definitely the way to take control of your health; mind and body.

What difference will it make? Think of it as a kink in a hosepipe that is instantly straightened. Suddenly everything flows.

When the head, neck, and spine are in alignment, the trillions of neural pathways that pass from the brain into the body have clear passage. This allows free communication between body and brain. The results can be life changing.

In the video below, you can see how many systems rely on the stability and structure of the Atlas bone (shown here in green). The muscles, connective tissue, nervous system (in yellow), veins (blue) and arteries (red) are all connected to the Atlas bone. When the Atlas bone is misaligned, nerves and arteries are pinched, the spinal cord is compromised – bones, connective tissues and muscles then tighten and rotate in an effort to reestablish body equilibrium.

The Atlas One technique is a pain free method that moves the Atlas bone back into its optimum position, so all body systems can start to communicate freely.



The Atlas One method takes place in a single session that lasts around 45 minutes.

It is not a chiropractic treatment. There is no strenuous manipulation involving turning, twisting, popping or cracking.

It involves your expert Atlas One practitioner using a specially designed tool, much like a pen, that sends pulses into the soft tissues and muscles that support the Atlas vertebra. The aim is to loosen any existing tension and allow the Atlas to naturally return to its ideal position.

The Atlas One technique is very relaxing. You will only feel the gentle vibrations from the tool. The trick is to close your eyes and enjoy the sensations as your head, neck and spine fall perfectly into place. It’s been a long time!

Once your Atlas is in place, your healing processes will start. It’s not unknown for our clients to feel a sudden rush of euphoria as long-forgotten neural pathways reconnect.