Why is the Atlas vertebra dislocated in so many people?

All manner of factors can effect Atlas misalignment. Manipulation in birth and falls in early childhood (while learning to walk, for instance) could be responsible. In later life, accidents, car accidents, whiplash or sporting injuries may be the reason the Atlas is out of position.

Do you manipulate my spine?

No. The Atlas procedure only involves careful, precise work on the soft tissues around your top vertebra.

Is the treatment painful?

Normally, no. In fact, some patients really enjoy the sensation. Others say there is a small amount of discomfort. Ultimately, it depends on the level of tension in the individual and their sensitivity. To reassure further, we’d say 95% of our patients feel no pain during the procedure.

What does the procedure involve?

During your treatment, no strenuous manipulations to the neck take place. Instead, we use a specialist tool that gently massages the tight muscles and soft tissues around the lower neck. This is where the Atlas is trapped. When the muscles are loosened, the released Atlas slots back into place.

How many sessions will I need?

We perform the realignment in one session. This usually lasts about 35 minutes. Before we start, we always like to understand what health problems you may have and are looking to solve.

What happens afterwards? Will I feel better straight away?

It all depends. Many patients say they feel an instant improvement. Others say the realignment took a week or two to bring a noticeable effect. In our experience, as time passes and the connection between brain and body strengthens, the benefits become more apparent.

I’m keen to become an Atlas One practitioner. Do you run any courses?

Yes, we do. Click here to find out more.